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Sound devices SD mute outputs .


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I remember a while ago there being a point bought up about a possible option to have selectable outputs mute when not in record.

I work mainly in the TVC world with up to 20 comteks out on a regular basis.

At the moment I have a inline to TX Switch with flashing LED to let me and crew/talent know that agency client aren't hearing whats happening on the shop floor.(workflow is Tx to camera SDI embedded to Qtake... Tx to comtek

It would be a much better situation for me to have outputs muted as a option with maybe some indicator that that was the case.maybe a shortcut so if you quickly want to unmute for a rehearsal you can

Any one want to weigh in on this.

I have sent a request to Sound Devices

Cheers Ant



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Hello, Someone mentioned automatic with Zaxcom. I'm not sure I know which feature that is. I occasionally turn zaxnet off, if I need a reason to kill the comtek. If I'm using ifb200, just flick the power off, or if using Nomad, go into menu and  either turn off zaxnet or just turn the transmitters off. Curious, what are the other zaxcomers using to turn this off? Maybe I'm just forgetting something here.

Sincerely, Martin 

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