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What do I do?


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I am a freelance sound recordist based in Nigeria. I love this job so much.  But you know, as a freelance,  jobs don't come always. My question is this,  what exactly do i do at those times when jobs don't come? I don't have my equipments yet so i can't be playing with equipments  etc..  Please can anyone suggest blogs to me where i can download videos and tutorials as regards location sound recording? I will also take suggestions on what to do with my spare time cos at times i have too much of it.  Lastly,  if anyone is coming to Nigeria or any African countries to work,  I'm always here to assist. Thanks. 

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Hi Oyin,

Read as many as possible topics here. You will get a lot of lessons (not only sound related). I learned a lot reading the JWSOUND. Also, good resource is the 695 Quarterly. Read "An Open Letter from Your Sound Department". Watch Matt Price, YouTube channel. I am suggesting two books. One is Sound-on-film: Interviews with Creators of Film Sound. Second is Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures: A Guide to the Invisible Art.


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