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cable wiring question

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Hey guys and gals,

Bit of a noob question, but I'm having some trouble figuring out how to wire my cable.

I want to run a Lectro R1a as a wireless reference track to camera(Arri Amira)

I need to wire a 3.5mm trs to XLR.

I'm concerned that the R1a will output a dual mono signal because it thinks stereo headphones are plugged in.

I just want a balanced mono signal from R1a to single XLR input on camera. Is this possible?

Thanks for your input and or output ;)

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The R1a output is not balanced so no it's not possible to have a balanced connection. You can still feed unbalanced signal into the Arri's line inputs. Your choice if you want to send the signal to one or both inputs of the Amira. I say go to just one, it's easier to construct and putting the same sound on two channels doesn't really buy you anything. Let the editor click the center pan button I say.


Check with Lectrosonics for the correct wiring config but I would suspect it's something like Tip-pin 2, ring-sleeve(ground), Sleeve-Pins1+3



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It's possible the 'correct' way to wire the XLR is to leave pin 3 floating. Depends on the balancing scheme of the Amira input. Transformer vs active balanced. I don't know which one it is. 

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