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PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack


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Hi all, I am building a new bag/ kit and was wondering if anyone is using one of these?


It looks like it fits somewhere between the SD 688/SL-6 and Zaxcom Micplexer 2. It will slot easily into the Orca OR-32 Bag I plan to buy too. Im planning on using it with Lectro SRc's

Any experiences or opinions welcome!


Steve Ravich

Sydney AU.

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With that DB-37 connection on the back which outputs all six audio channels as well as provides power for the unit, I wonder who would be able to make a cable for that and for how much $$$.  Seems like it would be great to be able to use this is in the bag with the standard connectors on the side, but then be able to grab it and quickly plug in the DB-37 cable to a cart / hook up the antenna connections and have it be a cart rig too.

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The 6-Pack has been around for several years now and it is a useful piece of kit. I have two of them: One is permanently on the cart (until the Audio Ltd 1010 4 slot 19" rack displaces it) and one that floats between the bag and the cart when I need more than 8 channels. On board antenna power for my Betso Sharkies. For: it is inexpensive, 3 x receivers is a good number knowing you can add an extra one or an extra rack with its RF distro. Choice of TA3 connectors and Hirose 4 or 37 pin. I mix AES out on the Wisys and Audio Ltd 1010 with the analogue out of the Lectros with no problem. Against: Construction is not as refined say the Lectro racks and it uses local UNC threads - PIA anywhere outside the States when you are fixing into its screw holes and screws are not so easy to source. Conclusion: good piece of kit. 


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TJW, quick question ... I'm about to buy one of these things and was wondering whether or not the aes on my wisycoms would work on these, you seem to have hands on expereince with this ... is it just a question of selecting it in the mcr-42 menu and then the first ta3 of that receiver will output AES ? in case of my lectro srb I have the new aes back plate, but I guess I'll be limited to using the sr-uni and staying analog. or will the sr-super backing plate give me that functionality as well ? Thanks in advance ...

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On 3/18/2017 at 7:58 AM, anas alsid said:

It's a perfect device 6771790b40f60bd29daa74b14ae3a07e.jpg

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What bag size is that?  I have an Cantar x-3 that I want to use the PSC six pack with.  Looks like the Orca 42 is the one, but curious to know which one is in this picture.



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1 hour ago, thope said:

I just received my six pack, and the new version does not have the db37 connector on the bottom. The only audio outputs are the side ta3's. This is not reflected on the psc website .


I've got the new version too, and yes, the connector is missing. I didn't mind because I don't need it, but if this annoys you, write a mail to Ron Meyer saying that you had expected more. He seems very cooperative and understanding. 

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3 hours ago, thope said:

I've done that through the supplier, it was a major pain for me, as I'd already had cables made up. The other problem was that the unit has been made wider, so it didn't fit in the bag that I had just had custom made!


another issue is that the RF cables are at a shorter distance now so Wisycom PSC custom flanges can't be used anymore. We addressed the issue today to Wisycom as they were unaware of that. Check the picture: the old model is the one with the MCR42 receivers and the metal flanges are perfect for it while as you can see they can't be used with the new model.


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2 hours ago, John Ronnerblad said:

Would you mind show more photos to compare the old/new six pack. 


I would like to see all sides and underneath it  as I havnt found any pictures of the new one. I have the old one attached with Tim Whites hinge mount to my X3. So screwholes must match to fit the new six pack. 


you're welcome. No db37 door, size is 31,5cm (33,5 for the outer metal cover)x 12cm (14.5cm for the outer metal cover) x 4cm




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