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Suggestions - kitchen table unscripted discussion

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I have had very good results with a BLM in a similar situation (On table, but with clear directions not to tab pens, and there were no drinks / cuttery). Note that it does not have to be on the table, but can be on 'any' surface.

So, mounted on a piece of chipboard and hanging over the table would be a simple / cheap way to avoid boom shadows.



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 Don't overthink it. Take Phil's advice and boom it. Determine upfront which will be the main camera, and the one that you follow, including his frame line. Just make sure you hear the person(s) the main camera is pointing at. Stick your microphone over that.  Let the second camera, and production, know that since you can't wire people, wide and tight won't work. You will mandate the frame line of the second camera. Also let them know that the second camera can't go to the other end of the table and point at another conversation without another sound guy. Two cameras, 2 sound guys.

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