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Jason A

Pesky/noisy bird deterrent

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I believe the difference in the €20 version and the $7000 version is intensity. If you want to use it during the day in full sun then it needs to be very powerful. In Australia laser pointers are heavily regulated ( as are a lot of things! ), So one powerful enough is actually very difficult to get and is illegal in some states without a licence so its probably a lot more expensive then it should be.

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Yes, I'm sure it's the intensity, and I'm also sure that it would be illegal here, too, for a reason. Here I think mostly farmers are allowed to use these high power green lasers and they need licences and so on.
I think I'll try my laser pen first. To be honest, any production company I would ask to spend 7000 on a laser to get rid of some birds, would laugh at me. I don't think a few hours of adr with a few actors will be more expensive.

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