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Cuba with 10 Cases, Anyone?

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I'm scheduled to travel to Cuba in a few weeks, and I'm wondering if anyone on this fine board has any experience or knowledge about getting into/out of Cuba with a lot of gear.


Thank you!




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I was there about 5 years ago and we didn't have any issue - we also had a local fixer we met us at the airport.

Thanks Jack.
Big help.
Did you travel usual ENG multi cases lights and etc? Also, I expect your gear felt like it was fairly safe in general? (I.e. Not like shenanigans at baggage or hotels in some countries where things can go missing)?

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I was there last year with quite some equipment and customs cost me lots of time. Immigration took about 3 hours. I could bring everything into the country but the customs officers were clearly unable to cope with a proper procedure. I had brought lists with serial numbers stamped by German customs as proof of value and for reimport into my homecountry Germany. Nobody seemed to know what to do with these lists and nobody spoke any English so they had me waiting until one officer decided to take matters into hand, pointed on some pieces of my equipment which she then wrote into a Cuban customs form with super low values. Thus I officially only imported 3 items totaling to 800 USD. Exporting everything 2 weeks later then was no problem although my Cuban forms obviously didn't correspondent to my equipment, why I was taken to the supervisor. But he seemed familiar with the procedure and they just let me go. Retrospectively I think this could have been handled much more professionally if production would have cared more in advance. And maybe if I would have spoken Spanish.

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