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DIY smart battery solution DC for audio bag

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So here we go...

DC solution for my small audio bag, powering SD 744T and Audio Development AD071.

Sony NP F and RRC 2054 compared:




Battery cable, you got 2x DC (red and black wires) and 3 wires for the smart data (you dont need to use them if you dont want to add a control


I ordered two as they are cheap for experimentation.


For one of the battery cables i made a little "breakbox", one black and one red wire connected direct to hirose 4pin, one black and red wire connected

to a variable DC/DC voltage regulator - the one i used is a lot oversized, i took what i had laying round here (this one was 5€ new),  a simple step down converter for a few bucks should be good enough.

The regulated output can be switched off to keep it out off the circuit when not in use.




the cables for the smart bus data are not used, i gonna replace the DC/DC converter with something smaller later and put a connector with the 3 smart bus wires at the case, maybe one day i feel like adding a control display to the set...

with the second battery cable i gonna make a more simple solution, at my first test i remarked that i really dont need a step down conversion...

when i tried to use my ad071 mixer last time with a fully charged NP 1 battery it refused to work, it was O.K. only with a not fully charged NP1...

Strangely enough with the fully charged RRC Battery the mixer is working without problems, so i gonna put a simple 7pin neutrik xlr connector direct

at the second cable and make a simple snake (split cable from a neutrik 7pin to 2x Hirose 4pin male for DC and 1 Hirose 4pin female for the smbus data if one day i feel like connecting a control display.


At least one image of my old "breakfast lunchbox solution" to give "eye cancer" to the electronic engeneers in this forum ;-)

That has worked the last year for powering just my AD071 mixer flawlessly...

Its  working up to 5h (depending the mics attatched, 2 channels phantom power activated).



I am not an electronic engeneer, so my soldering skills are limited...

Shurely there are professional guys that are able to do better but i am happy with my homebrew solution...



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2 minutes ago, soundchris said:

Hi Karsten, I am using something like this with my lipos.

Does not need extra power, shows single cells and overall voltage..


its looking "smart"...

where did you get it and for how much?

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thats a lot cheaper than the 150€ rrc display...

for the moment i am happy with the displayed voltage at my 744t, but when i do some soldering next time this little funny box is worth


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Hello Karsten,
Inspired by your idea I have a box with integrated battery-slot. Hirose are with 2.5A resetable fuses on each output and one is in the loop.


The 3 smart bus wires give more information than the "capacity controller". I have heard that an Arduino can read the information and put it on a display.
I will be looking for more information.

Hirose Distribution Box 2.jpg

Smart Battery Hirose Distribution Box 1.jpg

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This is my new design. I tried to make it as flat as possible. So it fits perfectly in every pocket. Each output can be switched separately and is provided with fuses. Of course there is also a main switch. The outputs are all led down. the smart battery is connected to the Distributon Box via Hirose and can be stored anywhere in the bag.

Easy DC Hirose Distribution Box Distributor with smart Battery.jpg

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For $30 you can own these 75wh 12.6V batteries and skip the idea of a docking cup. You can also charge these batteries as you draw power from them. This way you can plug in your bag while your using it and run your bag off wall power and without chaining anything just unplug and your running off battery without losing power at all.



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I use Turnigy LiPo batteries

4 cell 14 volt

I can run a 688 and at least 2 radio receivers/camera link/headphone tx

for a normal day



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