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Hi gang,

Pretty easy gig in Atlanta and Houston. It's not for picture, but is sound related and helps pay the bills. Admin, if its out of place my apologies. I can (or you can?) take this down if not in the right place.

The job requires recording a round table discussion. I used a bunch of figure 8's and two cardioids to record everyone(about 10-17 people). There is no picture involved so that makes it easier. Most of the stuff is going to end up transcribed so the audio will not really be used and probably be discarded. Transcription gig I suppose. Fairly short and nice pay. Below are the timing details:

Atlanta-April 6 5pm Calltime - Rec finish At 8.30
Houston- April 8 @12p Call time -Rec ends @3.30p

If there's any interest please contact me via PM and I'll give more specific details and put you in touch with the client.





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