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New Digital IFB/IEM System


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On April 19, 2017 at 8:47 PM, old school said:

Can't wait to hear them. That's all I'm interested in. And every Hollywood Boom Op working wireless. It's been the weak link in our modern workflow.



Got some hands on time with this, Crew, and it sounds great. Karl spent some quality time with me showing me this new system, and it's 

really slick. It's pretty powerful, and I can see uses for it in different areas as well. I wish I would have had this system back in the day when I was a monitor mixer. 

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Back when I used the Quadra, which unfortunately I had to sell to fund the purchase of some more immediately critical gear, I briefly got into the habit of being 100% wireless monitoring.  It was great because it was equivalent to what I was hearing direct from my mixer and I could easily get up and do an adjustment on a microphone, wether plant or cast, and hear in real time the adjustments I was making.  I can see this system being on my cart, and then hopefully a bag friendly 2 channel version where typically I'm only passing out 2 IFB anyways, for smaller television shoots.

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