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Shoulder Straps for Radio Mic Transmitters

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I don't know if anyone can help please.

Apologies in advance for this vague post, but on one of my previous posts someone mentioned radio mic shoulder straps that you put both arms through so you can wear the RM transmitter pack on your upper back - so ideal for sports people.   Unfortunatly I'm struggling to fine the link that was posted giving the details of this product, as I need to purchase some. 

Please can anyone please shed any light on where I can get such a product from?


Many thanks.

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I've seen college basketball players wearing similar systems during practice leading up to March Madness. Would probably be easy enough to replace the tracker with a transmitter. Though unless it's a sport where theres ample padding involved, or a non-athletic setting, you should probably look at the flexible Q5X wireless systems as to not harm the athlete in case of a fall.


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