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Interesting new wireless system


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Does anybody have more information about this in picture below?

Signal quality is maximized by transmitting two identical signals on independent frequencies. If the active signal degrades, the other takes over automatically.

8 hours ago, Derek H said:

I can't seem to find a user manual for the ADX1M. Is that because it's not officially available yet?

Website says: Available early 2018

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3 minutes ago, Lancashire soundie said:

Perhaps it's just me but the audio quality on the two presenters positioned very far from the receiver is awful.  Hardly any sibilance, their voices sound artificially limited in frequency range.

One of reasons why every audio manufacturer should NOT demonstrate "sound quality" via YouTube

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11 hours ago, Philip Perkins said:

So far Shure hasn't seemed very interested in getting into porto-wireless world--just one model (the FP15, $500 for TX+RX).  Has anyone used these, esp vs. Lectro/Zax/Wisy? 

Philip there is also the UR1 tx and UR5 receiver. http://cdn.shure.com/user_guide/upload/89/pdf_en_ur5_portable_wireless_receiver_ug.pdf


$800 for the tx and $1200 for the rx.  I demoed one of these sets a while back. They have very good range and sound pretty good.  Although not as nice as Lectro to my ear.

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