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Interesting new wireless system


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40 minutes ago, Lancashire soundie said:

It isn't YouTube.  Listen to the main presenter, she sounds ok.  The other two, by comparison, sound - well, awful to my ears.

the strange bit is that she is on a wireless mic too, and I thought that with fully digital transmission you don't get degraded audio but dropouts if range becomes an issue?

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On 6/5/2017 at 3:26 PM, berniebeaudry said:

Philip there is also the UR1 tx and UR5 receiver. 

$800 for the tx and $1200 for the rx.  I demoed one of these sets a while back. They have very good range and sound pretty good.  Although not as nice as Lectro to my ear.

I use a couple of Shure UR5 receivers in my bag along with UR1 beltpacks and DPA 4060 lav mics. Pretty good sound quality, not that far behind Wisycom and Lectrosonics having compared them side to side. Like all Shure gear, they are robust and can take a lot of level, rock solid transmission and the range is very good.

Regarding Shure's digital systems, I've used the four channel Shure ULX-D receivers quite a bit for conference sound - excellent sound quality (like a straight cable if you like) and very good range. I have the belt packs set to 10mW transmission strength and it gives me excellent coverage because it's a digital carrier. I've had presenters walk out of the hotel to smoke a cigarette and still being able to eavesdrop on them in my headphones. It's also a great system when 100+ journalists enter the press brief, each and everyone swinging a wireless handheld mic, because the receiver prompts you when there's an interference on one of the four channels - sure saved my skin on one occasion when I was monitoring the four channels on headphones but missed that one of them had occasional glitches due to interference.

Fingers crossed that Shure makes a portable digital receiver, but I guess that will never happen.


On 6/7/2017 at 9:44 AM, Lancashire soundie said:

I wonder if the system reduces bandwidth, or increases compression, when signal quality is low.

That's not my experience having used the Shure ULX-D system, and I don't think that Axient will be any different. Either the digital carrier is received or it's not. That's the good and bad with digital.




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