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Flux Ircam HEar v3 vs Waves Nx for surround mixing


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Hi everyone just a quick question: I dont have enough money to fully set up a surround sound workstation so currently I am making do with my two genelecs and headphones, So I have been looking into Waves NX and also Flux Ircam HEar v3 as a way to send out rough 5.1 mixes, just using headphones, has anybody had experience with either one and if so is it good enough to mix thoroughly or is it only a good guide, I would like to know which is best and if there are any other plugins I should be aware of as well. Thanks.

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I think you'd need to do some testing of the mixes you make this way in a calibrated 5.1 speaker setup and see if they work as intended.  If you are already in the WAVES ecosystem NX seems like a cheap thing to try.   If what you are after is 5.1 (or etc) for headphone playback by your audience (like for VR or binaural etc) then why not?

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