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Using the CL-12 with 664


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Anyone tried using a CL-12 with the 664? Need to power the CL-12 through that darned MicroUSB (5V). Need to step down a 12V DC cart battery to 5V and through a MicroUSB... If someone has done this in an efficient manner, would love to hear about it. 

Many thanks, 



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I use CL-12 with 664.

A long time ago before Remote Audio came out with a BDS with USB, I purchased one of the USB to BDS adapters. I swapped the BDS connector with a 4pin XLR and plug it into my HotBox....Works like a charm! You could put a Hirose or whatever connector on it your want.

Also, both my cart power supply and my pelican battery case (both of which I built) I have incorporated USB ports for charging devices and running CL12.


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