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AVID S3 controller has a stuck fader?

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Hey does anyone else have an AVID S3 controller board?  The 16th fader just malfunctioned and just pegs the fader at +12 (you actually hear a thunk when it does it).  Has anyone else experienced this?  What's so annoying is that the board is less than 2 years old. I tried resetting EuControl but to no avail.  I also powered off the machine and rebooted my system thinking that perhaps the driver was being wonky.  After a bit, you can hear the motor in the fader buzz just a bit, then the fader pegs back up to +12 again


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Thanks guys. I'll give this a try.  Weird thing is that I shut off the system, and let it cool down (it was a particularly hot day), and now it's behaving itself.

I'll keep testing.


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