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iPower 520 Mah Li-Poly for FREE

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Hello all,

This is John Cyphers with Batteries Plus Bulbs here in Atlanta. I work with quite a few mixers here in the area and wanted to post this to see if anyone had any interest. About a year ago I purchased quite a few iPower 520 9 Volts. I did not sell as many as I anticipated, and have excess stock that is sitting on my shelf. At this point I figure they shouldn't go to waste, so anyone who wants them please let me know via email jcyphers@batteriesplusga.com.

They come in packs of 4, and all I ask is that you pay for the shipping costs for them. Just hit me up and we can discuss details.


So say we all!

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Thank you John! I got 8 and also bought a AA Powerex charger I was in the market for. These deals don't happen often so I highly suggest taking John up on this very generous offer from him.

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