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Playback volumes different in Adobe Audition CC


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Hello All,

When doing a podcast recording in Adobe Audition CC, the volume and fidelity sounds different thru the headphones but the export sounds good.

The set up is two condenser mics going thru a preamp, a compressor, to Audition, Headphones amp output.

When talking and listening thru the headphones both mics sound good, but when the recording stops and do the playback  one mic sounds good, and the other sound distant/faint.  One mic is assign as a left channel and the other as a right channel merged into a stereo file in Audition. The mic with the faint/distant sound is the right channel one.

But the export sounds good,  no distant/faint.

I already checked all the hardware and it's all in good condition, the settings has not been messed with since initial setup ( there's been multiple podcast recording before with no issues ).

Never experienced such situation and wonder what the problem could be.


Thanks in advance for the responses.

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Maybe there's a track effect somewhere? On the recording track or the master track.

Also in my practice I prefer to record vocals, voice overs and ADR in mono. So if using two condenser mics, I'll be recording to two mono tracks.

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