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Mixer Needed in Monchengladbach Germany and Northern Italy

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Hello All, 

One of my favorite clients is in need of a sound mixer in Germany and Italy next week. Below are the dates and gear requirements.  Please respond with recommendations of highly qualified professionals only! In addition I'm interested in knowing what wireless ranges work well there. The rate is euro 450/10 hours. 

Thank you very much, 

Charlie Slemaker 

July 14 - Monchengladbach, Germany
July 15 - Monchengladbach, Germany

July 19 - Largo di Ledro, Italy
July 20 - Mount Brento, Italy
July 21 - Malcesine, Italy
July 22 - Malcesine, Italy
July 23 - Malcesine, Italy

Mixer/recorder with timecode, boom mic, two wireless lav systems, timecode slate, lock it box, and 4 comteks/ifb.

Contact Micheal Mitchel as soon as possible

Michael Mitchell



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feel free to contact Danilo Romancino in my name, he is Italy based.
+39 349 7464140
He's very good, excellent English, with experience of working with me and international crews both in Italy, UK and Europe. He is very nice and professional, with exstensive experience in documentaries and reality tv. Because of the above, in the years he became a regular sound person in Italy for British, American and Irish crews. I can recommend him to the fullest extent.


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I was asked to do that Job in Mönchengladbach. The producer cancelled me last minute (today evening, the day before the shoot) because "[the client] is being resistant to adding funds to cover [my] position in the budget". I find such behaviour pretty unprofessional, but I learned once again not to take last minute jobs from clients that I haven't work with before.

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Oh no! Now I'm glad I didn't get the job. You should attempt to charge them anyway. They cancelled less than 24 hours before the job, so it should really be 100% for the Friday, and maybe a bit less for Saturday.
I don't understand how they can be looking for someone without clearing the budget beforehand.

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