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Hi All, 

I have an upcoming shoot in Miami, and wanted to know which freq blocks you guys/gals suggest?
I did some searching around on JW and didn't find concrete info other than Miami being a nightmare in terms of RF.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

Ps. On Freq finder, it seems 470 to 668Mhz is all noise!


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Miami is RF central. To prove it, you throw a slice of bread up in the air and it comes down toasted. Basically there are no guarantees on clear frequencys at any given time. If you need any equipment or tech support when you're here give us a call. (Production Sound Solutions 954-289-4770)

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I haven't been to southern Florida in a while, but I'd first go visit Eric at PSS, for fun if nothing else. That said, according to the Sennheiser/FCC frequency finder site, TV channels 26, 27, 28 (542-560MHz) are currently vacant (lucky you *) and TV Channel 29, (560-566 Mhz) has low modulation, so I'd scan (or try, if you don't have a way to scan) for something those ranges on location. -  Addendum: * No vacant channels in my area, and if you throw a slice of bread up in the air, it comes down burned.. if the pigeons don't intercept it.

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