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Cables for SRs- Uni/Superslot connectors.

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I am constantly switching back and forth( trying to save back trauma :) )  between my 633 and 688/SL-6 setup.  This requires me to continually remove/install the bottom plates of my SRs.  I remember seeing awhile back some pictures of some really nice bags equipped with SRs with Uni plates installed with DB-25 connectors.  I would like to have made up some breakout cables for my SRs with their uni/superslot plates so that i do not have to change plates so often.  Anybody here do that?  

Also thinking of having joeco multipin I/O cables made up as well... 






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I built this a couple years ago.  It's not as pretty as a lot of other's work here, but it does exactly what I needed, and seemingly what you need to do.  There is a small coaxial power input on the bottom of the project box that is feed from a Trew Audio NP1 cup, thus this contraption also serves as a "power distro", howbeit without and electronics or isolators, only a fuse. And lest you scold me, the power switch has a locking mechanism, so its not going accidently turn off.  None the less it has worked well using not only the Lectros, but also in powering a couple Sennheiser G3's.  
















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