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Mic Bra mod

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I'm getting ready to embark on a project that will require wiring a lot of sweaty bodies so I'm playing with a few ideas.


1) NeoPax Mic Bra. I cut a small hole in half of the material and inserted the wire into the strap. No more loose wire.


2) I'm gonna lay a small bead of hot glue, like on this knee brace, and see if that helps it to stick.


I got a URSA strap. It is sticky. It is expensive. It is too short (nothing more than a 40" chest).




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A boom operator created the man-bra a long time ago. They are designed to hold a cos-11 inside of a rm-11. They have small loops on the front and side to weave the mic cable up and around the side. They are Velcro ajustable and they work. ThE loop that holds without the rm-11 have a tendency to slip out of its harness. Believe me I know. The guys name is William Monroe. Local 695 member. He also created the boom box everyone uses. Look him up save yourself the grief of trying to reinvent the wheel.



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Technical note:


From experience, larger women render a mic bra too low for the lav to offer good quality.

Also mounting on the center of some bras' results in creaking sounds.



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