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NeverClip - real life experience with transmitters


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Hello all, 


 I have got a question specifically for Zaxcom NeverClip users. 

In transmitters how well does this really work? I mean really, honestly. 

I am not evaluating different system, asking which one should I get.

I have an unusual shoot coming up, where there will be an attack dog on set almost all the time. This can erupt barking without any warning and get very loud from one moment to the next. Even if I can bring down the gain on my isos just in time, I won't be able to change the transmitters settings in time - even with Zaxnet. Thus hitting the limiter/compressor. If I set tx gain really low all the time, I'll lose S/N on quieter stuff. 
I'll have a mic near the ceiling, too, to which I can go if the transmitters fail for a moment, but that may not be good enough. 

So, long story short, what's the NeverClip users opinion on this? Will NeverClip provide enough of an advantage over other systems (even non-NeverClip tx)?
Has anyone by chance been working inside with a dog?

Thanks for any advice on this

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Is this a narrative job? How important is the barking? Will it matter if it's compressed and limited by transmitters and/or mixer/recorder?


I would treat it like gunfire and just get the dialog. If they need the barking, you can record it as it's own track on another mic, set up just for the extra loud barks. 


I know now this doesn't answer your question. Sorry. Perhaps rent a Zax unit and test it with a dog barking. 

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I've had good results with the NC transmitters. That's one of the things I've noticed the most between the Lectrosonics transmitters in the Zaxcom transmitters. When you are in a situation where there is a large dynamic range with what you are recording, going from whispers to yelling for example, the Zaxcom transmitters do a much better job with the louder sounds. 

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I'll second everything Palmer just said. I use a mix of Lectro and Zax NC and for those unpredictable characters I prefer to go Zax.  


If it's going to be one of those whispers to yells situations I tend to set the gain a bit lower on the TX then is ideal and consider it as a safety measure ISO. All this you already know.


Sorry my dog is a Greyhound and they rarely bark so I can't test that. 

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