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Looking to meet and possibly work in LA

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I am a production sound mixer. I live in Austin and work all around Texas. I am a member of the Local 484. I primarily do a lot of commerical/doc/reality work. But also do a fair amount of narrative work. I own a couple of all Zaxcom Rigs.


I am looking to start making connections in LA, I'm interested in entertaining the possibility of moving to a busier market to work on larger projects. I'm willing to utility, boom or mix. I will be in LA September 7th-12th. If anyone would like to meet, I would love to meet some fellow mixers and grab a drink! If anyone is interested please email me!




Kyle Graham



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I'd be happy to meet!! Send me a note - nolooping@gmail.com


If I can make a recommendation... Move with a job. Somehow get one of your clients to either recommend you for a long job here, or come out with one of the Austin producers, or anything like that. From personal experience, starting over in a new market is truly like starting over entirely. 





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