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Experience in Russia


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I've got a doc shoot in Russia coming up in November, and having never been there, I come to you, fellow soundies for your expertise. What is your knowledge and experience that you can share? I'm particularly interested in the wireless spectrum over there (whether I'll be in need of buying new blocks, I've heard the upper range is best). I'm also interested in anything you can share about the country and what I should expect. We will mainly be in Western Russia. Thank you for any and all input, it is greatly appreciated.

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Never been but as I live in the neighborhood I've heard things... The main one being that customs is super-strict with your gear, apparently you're to catalogue (with pictures? Not sure) pretty much every separate item, possibly down to individual batteries, lav hiders etc. to avoid trouble. :o

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I worked on a production in Moscow in 2012,  Customs is an issue, since we were there for only a few days, producer decided to rent local gear rather then dealing with Customs Broker and Customs Bonds etc..


the gear we hired was good equipment, well supported and maintained. RED cameras Schoeps Mics etc...


You may want to check and see if you can hire wireless gear instead of buying new for your project. 

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