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Schoeps CMR vs. Colette cable

Veit Norek

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Hi folks,

I recently bought Colette cables for my Mk41's, to use them as a very small plant mics and also 

in cars. Then 2 weeks later I discovered the Schoeps CMR to put it straight into your transmitter,

which is ideal for my purpose. Schoeps offers me to send the Colette back because I think

I don't need them anymore. But I am wondering if I am missing something. Is there a possible

scenario where I would need the Colette's over the CMR. Or where they would outperform the



Thanks and yes....first world problems :-)


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CMR is great. I think someone once posted a picture of a wireless boom with it. Tiniest boom mic ever. Adapting to 48V might somewhat degrade the signal (should you want to use it that way), but probably only in studio sound quality terms, so I don't think that would be noticable in location sound situations.

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27 minutes ago, Matthias Richter said:

just check that your wireless TX is on their list of compatible systems:



Yes did that

27 minutes ago, Constantin said:

Are you sure it's smaller than the Colette cable? I mean the bit on top of the boom, of course. 

Just beware that the CMR is not compatible with all wireless systems, Zaxcom being one them


Edit: as Matthias has also just pointed out...

No its not smaller, the "head" of the CMR is a tiny bit bigger than the one of the colette. Maybe 7-10 mm dont have it here yet. But afaik Colette is not a good option as boom mic since it is unbalanced and I guess sensitive to handling noise.

22 minutes ago, chrismedr said:

there's also a thread about this a while back:



Yes I read this one also. But it is about the CMR itself, not a comparison to the Collete setup.

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9 hours ago, Veit Norek said:

 But afaik Colette is not a good option as boom mic since it is unbalanced and I guess sensitive to handling noise.


Oh yes, that's a good point. The CMR is unbalanced as well, but that probably doesn't matter as much as the cable is much shorter - if you have your tx on the top of the boom. If not the difference is probably negligible except for size on your end with the CMC preamp...

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  • 4 years later...

Atilla, I'm not sure which of two related models you mean--the BLM 3 or the BLM 03 C. The answer will depend on which one you have.


The BLM 3 (discontinued a few years ago) was Schoeps' original, large, square-based, rather heavy boundary layer capsule meant for floor placement or wall mounting. In terms of its electrical connections it was the same as any other Colette capsule. You could connect it directly to any Schoeps amplifier; you could also use it with a Colette active cable and/or a CUT 1 or CUT 2 filter. So if that is what you mean, then the answer is yes, because the input of a CMR is basically like the front end of a Colette active cable.


But I rather suspect that you have the BLM 03 C instead--a small, portable unit with a circular base and a permanently attached, active cable that is still a current model (see color photo below). It connects only to Schoeps amplifiers that accept active accessories, i.e. the CMC series or the M 222. The front face of the CMR has a metal ring which physically won't let you connect any active accessories to its input, since it isn't designed to power them--so it wouldn't be compatible with a BLM 03 C.


--best regards

BLM 03 C (alt color).jpg

830502 side 1.jpg

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