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What's the news from the front ears?


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Hello All, 


Matthew Wilson here. Many of you knew me as the former beard of Pro-Sound in NYC, to those I keep in touch with I hope you're mixing well and to those I've fallen out of touch with let me hear from you! To catch you up, I run a production venue in Manhattan mostly these days and when I'm not day playing as a utility or doing field repairs on carts, I settle in for the winter at Montclair State University trying to impart any knowledge I can into the future ears of our legacy. 


I've decided in addition to my ramblings I'd like to share with my students the things you want them to know and how they can enter the field after school putting their best ear forward and not making a mess of it for the rest of us. Pictures, clips and stories tend to work the best. Most of my students are at the point of discovering if what we do can really be a career so don't be shy to share the low points along with the high. 


Things we cover already, but are welcome to go into more are proper job bidding, including fair pay for labor and gear, knowing what gear they're ready to work with and how to build their network to move up. I'm not sending my students out with 2nd mortgage carts looking for features, but they do get excited at the shiny things like all of us do. 


What do you want them to know coming into the field behind you and what can I do to best prepare them to carry on and hold the line? Hope to see you all at AES this fall!

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Hello Matthew,


Trying to pass the philosophic attribute "you are run a business" will be good (and good reminder for me).

How to "promote" what they doing isn't easy and they need to find a formula as soon as possible.

Don't mess with anyone.


That's from me.

Veterans are going to help you more!

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