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Apologies if this thread has already been started.   Re:  The quite useful Sennheiser website (for those who may travel to an unfamiliar city on short notice) that allows one to type in a zip code and find out what television stations are on the air in that locality:




Up until two or three days ago, the range of frequencies listed started at channel 14 and ended at channel 52.  As of this morning, the upper limit displayed is channel 36.  


They say their website is linked directly to FCC, so this may be an FCC modification.  Or,  since manufacturers will be no longer manufacturing units that can work above ch 36, they may have made this modification as a business decision.  It would seem that since the FCC is allowing use of the frequencies above ch36 until 2020, they have effectively turned their tool temporarily from a helpful one into a detrimental one.  This new tool will potentially direct users into spaces to which they would not have previously flocked, contributing to potential overpopulation of certain local frequency use unnecessarily for the time being.    


If it's a business decision, perhaps someone with proper skills and contact info could ask them to revisit. (?)


A review of the Shure frequecy finder site today (9/17/17) indicates that frequencies above TV ch 36 are operational in their tool.:




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Unless I am remembering incorrectly, the Sennheiser Frequency Finder has changed - A LOT -- from the old days (now linked to this Sennheiser website) and is not the community resource that it used to be. While it used to show what television stations were nearby and what frequencies & power level they are at. Now it is only useful for customers (if that). Am I missing something?

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Sennheiser is on my shit list. The new  Sennheiser Frequency Finder is useless to me as well, unless I am missing something too and  I have six  G3s and G4s. Even though I have an RF Explorer for onsite scans, I like to peruse for TV stations that could be a problem prior to going to a new location. I can't make heads or tails of the 'new' finder.  The Shure finder works to a certain extent, but you have to find one of their systems which has approximately the same  frequency ranges and it does not show the prx dB signal level .  

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Yes--it was very useful in planning shoots, especially for "road trip" shoots.   In addition to TV stations already on the air it showed where new stations and re-freqs were planning to go and when and at what power level.  The info was well presented--I used to print out pages from the site to take with me on location when I was working out of town.  Bummer that it's gone.

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