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Mathematically Precise Kinetic (Fibonacci-sequence) Sculptures - by John Edmark

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The following, from this: http://www.johnedmark.com/statement/


"If change is the only constant in nature, it is written in the language of geometry.  


Much of my work celebrates the patterns underlying space and growth.


Through kinetic sculptures and transformable objects, I strive to give viewers access to the surprising structures hidden within apparently amorphous space.


While art is often a vehicle for fantasy, my work is an invitation to plunge deeper into our own world and discover just how astonishing it can be.


In experiencing a surprising behavior, one’s sense of wonder and delight is increased by the recognition that it is occurring within the context of actual physical constraints.


The works can be thought of as instruments that amplify our awareness of the sometimes tenuous relationship between facts and perception.


I employ precise mathematics in the design and fabrication of my work.


I do this neither out of a desire to exhibit precision per se, nor to exalt the latest technology, but because the questions I’m trying to formulate and answer about spatial relationships can only be addressed with geometrically exacting constructions.


Mathematical precision is an essential ally in my goal of achieving clarity.


Nature is generous and inexhaustible, rewarding curiosity with startling insights and an abundance of ever more beautiful mysteries.


Through my work I endeavor to share the joy of discovery with others in a continuing pursuit of the timeless patterns of change." (John Edmark)


The following, from this page: http://www.johnedmark.com/phi/



The following, from this: https://www.youtube.com/user/SciFri/videos?flow=grid&sort=p&view=0

Please note ... Quote: "*Correction May 1, 2017: At 2:06, a graphic in the video incorrectly wrote the formula for the golden ratio. It should be B/A = A/(A+B). We regret the error. "



Just a few, from this:  http://www.johnedmark.com/#/spirals/






The following, from this: http://www.johnedmark.com/#/rotating/



Others, of interest? 


(Just one, from this page : http://www.johnedmark.com/rough-sketches/ )


By sequentially opening and closing different holes in the top two layers, different forms develop as sand is added and subtracted.




Just one, from this page: http://www.johnedmark.com/air-water/ 




The full, John Edmark, gallery of photos, and stills:  http://www.johnedmark.com





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