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Low Profile XLR Connectors - Cable Techniques vs Remote Audio


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Looking to make some custom cables to use with my new Sound Devices MixPre-6 and would like to use some low profile XLR connectors. There seems to be two on the market but the pricing difference between the two is substantial. So I thought I'd ask around here and see if anyone out there has experience working with both and can comment on the differences.


There is the Cable Techniques option, which retails for about $15/connector: LINK


And the Remote Audio option, which retails for about $25/connector: LINK


Both have options for color coded caps (though the Remote Audio colored caps are more expensive) and both require a thinner cable to be used for which I was planning to go with Mogami W2697 miniature microphone cable (LINK).


Anyone tried both of these and can comment on whether or not the Remote Audio connectors are worth the higher cost? I am planning to purchase 4-8 of these in male and female configuration so if the Cable Techniques are the same quality or better it would save me quite a bit of coin to go with them.

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I've only soldered the Remote Audio option, but have seen and held the Cable Techniques one as well. 


The RA design is physically smaller than a Neutrik straight or angled connector, but seemed to weigh slightly heavier. I used these as a replacement to the horrible K-Tek ones that come with their Klassic poles. The RA option uses a metal cap that only offers 4 possible angles for cable routing (45, 135, 225, and 315). The angles didn't bother me since I was using this at the end of a pole, but could see how that could pose a problem in a bag.


I was surprised at how small and light the CT design was when I first held one. Really like how variable the cable angle can be adjusted to, but is a molded plastic so it's definitely not as strong as the RA's all-metal cap. 


Considering you plan on using these in a bag, I'd save some money and go with the CT option. 

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I have a question regarding the RA lo profile connectors. Making a jumper cable from mic to plug on, and I cant figure out how to lock the removable black remote audio cap to the actual neutrik connector part. Right now its fully removable, but when in operation how do you lock it down?


Im expecting an obvious answer but I cant figure it out this morning !

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