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Laurence T

Sony UWP transmitter antenna tip replacement? UTX-B03

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Hi guys,


Returned home from a shoot the other night and realized that the rubber/vinyl 'tip' of one of my Sony UWP-D transmitters (UTX-b03) was missing. (see pics)


The internal wire of the antenna is exposed, however repeated tests have shown there doesn't seem to be any detrimental effect at all (yet) -  on range or audio quality.


Can I just add any tip/cover to the antenna or do I have to replace the entire antenna? 


Hope you can help - thanks in advance!




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Any tip or cover will work. It could be made of lead or kryptonite and that short a piece wouldn't affect the antenna. A small piece of shrink tubing or soft tubing from the hardware will work just fine and keep the wire end from poking talent.

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher

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