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Looking to purchase Srb or Src system - advice needed.

Laurence T

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Hi all,


So I’m finally looking to upgrade my multiple Sony UWP systems to lectrosonics, and am particularly looking at the ar dual receiver systems, mostly to save space in my small orca bag and keep my rig pretty mobile. 


I’d like to know the main differences/advantages of the src over the srb or even the sra. I’m aware it has trackinh front end filters similar to the 411s, as well as smart sync infrared syncing, but what about audio quality and range? 


I can pick up used srb systems for substatially cheaper than src. Will these still be a good purchase now that the src is here? 


I am mostly in the commercial and corporate market, with the occasional narrative work. I rarely need more than 2/3 wireless channels plus boom. I use a g3 as a wireless cam hop.


Hope you can help! Thank you in advance.

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Both work great, but I would go for a SRC for many reasons:

1. Wide band, you have 3 blocks to pick not just one.
2. Smartune, super convenient, fast and reliable.
3. Will keep value longer.
4. Compatibility with other devices (SL6?)

But if you really want a lectrosonics and don't have the money for the SRC, the SRB it's great too, just be careful with what block it's the best in your area...


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Hi! I replied to your post on Reddit too :-)  But I'll say it again here, because I'm in the same boat with 5x UWP-D11 who is upgrading to Lectros and I went with 4x UCR210D as they've very affordable. I can wait a year or two before getting SRc instead :-) 

Plus before buying any SRc, have a careful read of this entire thread here. then form your own opinion:


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I often work with 3 x SRc's they have really low distance coverage in my area. They are B1 (Im in Europe).

When they are on external ALP620 (via SoundDevices sl6) distance is fine.

Maybe it is about power of transmitters SMDB/E01(in Europe max is 50mW) which are in bl21...


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