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Dear all,


we're going to shoot in kind of extreme environmental conditions in the next months.

So perhaps you can help me. How do you decide which camera to use? At which criterias/parameters are you looking at?
In most data sheets I can only find the paramters temperature and humidity. What about dust and rain protection(I can't really find IP-classes or stuff like that)? And also when it comes to transport and storage. I'm thinking about really hot temperatures in a car or damaged streets so that the camera get's shaked a lot. Did you ever had problems with stuff like acid rain in industrial places? What abut going from warm into cold places and vice versa?
I'm thinking about the ARRI AMIRA, because i really like the sound quality when it comes to recording. 
What do you think?
Thank you
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Dear Bobbi,


this is a forum for (mostly location) sound professionals, so people here usually focus on the sound aspect of cameras (well, as much as they have to to do their jobs ;-)


so you're likely better of in a cinematography forum, or even better yet, hire an experienced AC with lots of hands on experience, or if that's not an option, talk to a good rental house. also talk to your DoP because he might have some preference what camera fits the project best in terms of image and handling.


best of luck





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The Sony FS7 is, from what I’ve heard, weather sealed.


I’ve also heard good things about the durability of Sony Alpha cameras. The a9 has dust/moisture sealing, though Sony doesn’t 100% guarantee that it’s a complete seal.


I know choosing to work with Canon DSLRs is a filmmaking faux pas these days, but the EOS-1D C is “fully sealed” for dust and moisture.

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iphone 7 (and beyond) is waterproof. Sorry. Most professional video cameras have reasonably good environmental seals, similarly the lenses. They have to as just moving kit between a coldish and a warmish environment will cause water vapour to condense on internal optics etc. Repurposed stills equipment varies more in this aspect. The DP and AC will be across all of this (at least until the first technical review/breakdown).

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I worked on a film in Nigeria, where the humidity is always 99%, with with two Epics and we had a shut down on one of them only once.  My favorite camera is the Amira.  I think all the pro cameras are pretty good and can handle the rigors of the elements.  

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