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Belarus - Legal Frequencies

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I took a trip recently to the country of Belarus.  A soundman at one of the local churches asked me if I could help him get a couple handheld wireless mics.  Considering their lack of funds and resources, I really would like to help him out.  They don't need anything real high end, a G3 or even something slightly less quality would do.  The problem I'm having is trying to determine what frequencies are legal and bands might work the best specifically in  Minsk, Belarus.  


Anyone here have any insights regarding this matter?  I would certainly appreciate it.






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Not sure what

2 hours ago, VAS said:

Something below 700 MHz. 600 MHz "story" is coming fast to EU. 


Not sure what story that is, but in any case Belarus is not in the EU so different rules apply.


The EU commission for its part has said the spectrum situation won't change until 2030, but of course networks have a different idea...

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