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Audio Ltd. EN2 or Audio Wireless


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neither are really an upgrade.

the EN2 is a downgrade i believe.
the audio wireless are on a par with the 2020 sound wise. all you gain is AA batteries for the transmitter and possibly more tuning range on your system depending on what range you have with your 2020's. (mine had an 8MHZ range, but they were uk specific ones).

might be worth looking at getting 2040 transmitters as they are more efficient with the batteries compared to the 2020, and the mini tx are a very good size. and will work with your existing receivers.

the 2020 (and 2040) system is rightly well regarded as an excellent sounding radio mic.

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I know that the 2020 system is a good system. But what bothers me is when there is background noise at the location, and a louder signal is kicking in, the background noise is pushed down like the whole system compresses. And not only the background noise but rather the self noise. I have there 2020 in the range from 740- 760 an this happens at all.


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from what i remember of using the 2020's - its been a fair few years since i sold mine - i think you are running them too hot, which is why you are hearing the pumping when things get loud. at least consider dropping the gain for loud scenes.

i havent used a MKH60 with the 2020, but i think we use to run a 416 and CS3e at gain of 4 or 5. though on initial testing we had to turn the gain up by one as we could hear the compander fluttering at 3. this was using the VdB bombe.

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