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P48 to T-Power converter?


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2 questions if I may...

I have found this on second hand pages here in ZA 

sennheiser mkh816t  about $150


I have an old 302 which can handle it I think being T-Power. I dont think my SD 633 will though. Do converters work, is there a 'trusted' brand to get a T-Power mic working on P48 gear? 

 Secondly, Im a sucker for a bargain and love 2nd hand trawling. Is the MKH816t worth a shot at 816? At that price its almost, never mind the quality, look at that length. Im sure I can find a use for it one day....


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Yes to all your questions.  The only real downside to an 816 is its weight.


Like the 416 -- a workhorse.


PSC makes a reasonably priced adapter barrel.  I like the older version of the barrel better, though -- metal rather than plastic -- a tad more weight, but less susceptible to hum (maybe they've switched back over the years -- it's been a long time since I bought one.)


A legendary mic.

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Great thanks I've got a 406T which sounds great and would get a lot more use if it was P48, I'll investigate......



Further investigation - (forum insists on appending this to previous post rather than a new post?)

Looks promising thanks,



mention of the 406T :)

  1. 4.I have other microphones that are T-powered. Will you upgrade them?

We also upgrade most Sennheiser 415, 435, 815 and 816T microphones. Please inquire about 406T mics. 

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I got a the local audio shop (Audio Services Canada in Toronto) to build a shortie cloth covered cable that has the T12 to P48 magic built into the XLR boot. Same as the barrel I imagine, but without the bulk. Cable runs from boom pole to inside of Rycote wind shield. 

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The PSC adapter has worked great for me. I use it on my 416T, which I had serviced a few years ago and functions like a new mic. I suggest sending the 816T back if it’s not functioning perfectly to Sennheiser and they’ll make it good as new for a reasonable sum.


Form factor obviously suffers if it’s on the barrel and it does add a little weight.

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