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The T-mobile certified letter and a Part 74 license?

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 As a recent recipient of a FCC Part 74 license I was evidently included in the recent T-mobile mailing of their certified letter notifications about their intent to use the 600MHz space.


 I am on the road, but have become aware that a USPS notice of an attempt to deliver was left on my door. I will not be available to travel to the post office to sign for and retrieve the letter before it is returned to sender.


 I am wondering how this circumstance relates to the FCC policy that my address of record needs to be current and accurate. My address is accurate and current (I have resided at the same location for 25+ years) but I am not available to sign for unanticipated certified transmissions.


 I know I am overthinking this but do not want to find out my part 74 license has been revoked because it may appear to T-mobile that my address is not current. I do not appreciate the fact that they have burdened me with the obligation to sign for their letter. 


 I imagine the letter simply repeats the message that was already sent to me via email.


 I would rather disregard the situation and let it pass but want to retain my part 74 license in good standing. I was happy to have gotten signed up, but I guess I have finally learned what the part 74 license is actually useful for. 


 Will the FCC be concerned that I have not signed for this letter?


 Thank you.

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Will you be back within 30 days?  You could put a hold on mail with usps if you really wanted to.

Also, the mail is sent directly from T-Mobile.  I can't see the FCC terminating a license based on a third-party not being able to deliver some mail - certified mail which you have no legal obligation to accept - to an otherwise valid mailing address.

I'd be more worried about not responding to an actual FCC request, but I'm not an expert so this is really just my opinion. 

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