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Ilari Sivil

Need someone in Helsinki?

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Hey there!

I'm a recently graduated 28-year old soundie from Helsinki, Finland. Did my bachelor's at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, the degree programme in Film and Television. Guess what I specialized in? I started doing odd audio jobs in the local industry while studying, and at graduation I already have experience from a feature film and a 10 part drama series in addition to some ads and corporate stuff. I have a 633 and some mics of my own, and I'm working on getting wireless gear. I speak and write pretty good English and I keep an international circle of friends, so I'll get along with people from outside Finland just fine. :)

I'm very solution oriented, and I don't like complaining. I'm still young enough to believe that a way can be found most of the time, and I'll pursue it to the full extent the schedule allows me to. I'm a recovering perfectionist, I'll settle for "good enough", but I won't love it. I can definitely deal with the local weather. I own ice fishing overalls that are rated for the actual arctic, no joke. :D When I'm not working, looking for work or thinking about upgrading my gear, I mess around with modular synths, sing/scream in a band, play video games, read books, pet cats and consume entertainment with my girlfriend.

Currently my schedule is pretty open except for a 24.11.-01.12., I'm doing a stint as a boom op on a daily series that has gone on forever up here. I'm very interested in narrative work, but I'll do anything that keeps me fed and buying new gear. Feel free to hit me up even if you need any info on stuff local to Finland, always happy to help a fellow soundie!

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Sure thing, its ilari(dot)sivill(at)gmail(dot)com

Forgot to mention that I'm more than happy to travel, if necessary, I'm just based in Helsinki. I've done a few gigs outside my hometown and I used to shuttle back and forth between cities in a long distance relationship for well over a year, so travel is no issue.

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