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Condenser mic stored in a PVC pipe - technical question

Ben C

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Hey friends,


I have a small diaphragm condenser, bought used, that the previous owner kept in a homemade PVC pipe contraption. The pipe is sealed on one end, with the end cap being removable and held in place by how snugly it fits. I wonder if keeping a mic in there could cause problems, because if you pull the cap off it creates a "pop" sound when I create a low-pressure situation in the pipe.


Some thoughts; if there's no closed air space inside the mic/capsule/diaphragm, then this air pressure will affect the whole thing evenly and not create any problems. But if there's an enclosed air space, the differential pressure could be enough to put strain on the mic.


Any thoughts welcome! 

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I used, and still have a few, PVC tubes for a long time.  Never had a problem.  Tried cigar tubes but needed to drill a little exhaust hole in the cap or I couldn't get them to close.  :)


Back now, mostly, to wooden boxes, but I no longer live on a camera truck.



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