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I have a young colleague I found at the film school I lecture at.

He was a natural boom operator!

I used him for two dramas and everyone was impressed

A TV series show here grabbed him and he has done 2 years of Fisher boom operating.

Is there still a demand for that skill in the USA as his girlfriend is moving to LA?





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Yes there is but it's definitely limited.  Multi-camera sitcoms is the primary place to see them.  Local 695 has been running one-on-one training sessions for quite some time and that has actually rekindled awareness of the Fisher and caused some to start showing up on episodic and features but it's still rare.  Most of the sitcoms are union so it would take him some time to work his way through that but if he's good, and if he knows both Fisher and fishpole, and he has a cool kiwi accent, he'll probably do fine.

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