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Olle Sjostrom

Camera operator dies on set

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Tragic news again.

Mark Milsome, a camera operator, died on set on Nov 18 shooting a stunt scene. 

Very sad. I don't have any connections with him, just saw the news. 

Very little is known about the actual accident, what happened and why. 


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Mark was brought up into the business - his father was Douglas Milsome, who was a very well known operator and then DoP for Stanley Kubrick. Mark was just on the cusp of operator/DoP and was an absolutely delightful breath of fresh air to work with. Not a hint of attitude or self importance. He was quietly confident, and let his work speak for him. He was one of the most human and easy going people I have ever met and worked with, as described by someone yesterday, a real gentle gentleman. Everyone over here is stunned and shocked.


I have heard no more details of what actually happened, other than a car stunt went tragically wrong.


It really is very, very, sad.


Simon B

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Very sad!

I worked with Doug his father in a film in NZ - very funny man.

Had a great face off with a director and said "you couldn't direct traffic"




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