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I was looking at a used DEVA V.


I was reading posts on this forum from 2015 that the DEVA is still a more than capable machine, but I was wondering if Zaxcom still provides servicing for it if something should go wrong? 


And second, this particular unit appears to be in good working and has 1,500 hours on it. 

Will these units essentially last forever if not abused?


Any thoughts appreciated. 

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You are correct, the Deva is still a totally capable recorder, actually continuing to perform some features and functions that even the latest recorders from other manufacturers do not have. Any Deva IV, V or 5.8 should run forever and I am fairly sure that anything that needs service could be taken care of well into the future. The only liability with these older machines is that they may not have all the features or functions that you may need for the types of jobs you are doing. The only "service" any of my Devas have required is once having to replace the internal backup battery and then, of course, swapping out the hard drive before any chance of drive failure.

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