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Bag Cart

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I was recently injured earlier this year in a car accident (broke both legs, right wrist, sternum and ribs) and am trying to take it easy. I’m trying to build a relatively small foot print colapseable bag cart to not have to have my bag strapped to me all day.


Yeaterday I was on a job (not using my gear) in a statium and the client had me carry around a fully loaded bag with a crappy Pertol Harness (664/CL-6 in an orca) with 4 411s and 2 Hops just to boom (unusable audio due to music from the statium.) 

I asked nicely why I can’t just go hardlined to camera (we had a wireless Hop and I gaurentee thatd be what they’d use). But he wanted the wav files???? Ok....


If if I was using my kit I could have easy accomplished this with a Boom, TRX743 RX200 on Camera and ERX for me to monitor.


Or this could of been accomplished with a Boom and an H4N on my belt. For complete simplicity...  


I really like the simplicity and stability of this cart. But would love it if it would collapse. Lol Just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas.


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Hi KG sorry to hear of your accident.

I did post pictures of my ZUCA inspired cart which I suggest is much lighter, the handle sits down

and for compactness , say air travel, the wheels and axle come apart and would go inside the "bag"

I can walk into a job with 664 on my shoulder and cart in one hand


Good luck for the future




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I've really been trying to not wear the harness whenever possible this year... so far so good! This is a foldable handtruck I've been using from home depot with a couple utility pouches for wiring kit etc... 


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