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ETSI standards and new LP part 74 frequencies

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I was wondering if someone with greater knowledge on this topic could fill me in on what this new standard means for us going forward. I was reading the new guidelines and transition paperwork from the FCC and ran across this section that caught my eye. It is talking about the adoption of the new ETSI emission mask standards and that Lectrosonics was concerned about adopting these new masking standards because it "would require a change in design that could render its legacy models incapable of operation with newer models." It's on page 14-15 of the FCC 15-100 document. I'll try and attach it.


I was hoping for some clarification from Lectrosonics on what legacy would mean. Does this include current digital hybrid mode tx's and Rx's or is this just for older "legacy" equipment? how will this affect users going forward in the future?


Also with the removal of the 600MHz spectrum they seemed to have added additional options for available frequencies in different areas of the spectrum. If I have read this correctly we have the following available as licensees.

169-172MHz, 944-952MHz, 941.5-944MHz, 952.85-956.25MHz, 956.45-959.85MHz, 1435-1525MHz, 6875-6900MHz and 7100-7125MHz


Are any wireless microphone manufacturers planning on utiliziling these new bands?


This document seems to be a simpler and quicker read. 


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Gee it's so hard to get through all the woffle!


Had this problem in NZ and have dealt with it for decades.


Sold 6 Lectro radio mikes some time ago and had to replace them.

But I'm still treading on glass as I find that a suggested block suddenly has digital TV on it!


All you are told in return is the "the spectrum is a valuable resource" and as you do not

have to buy a license that you have to cause no interference and put up with interference.


How much is radio mike usage putting millions into the US economy - lots!



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