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MKH40 high pitch noise

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Hello all!

My recently purchased used MKH 40 just did the strangest thing last week and again today, this modulating high pitch noise appeared depending on mic position and angle.


Today the problem went away after a couple of minutes, but it may come back anytime.


Anyone experienced simiar issues with a MKH mic?

Thank you for your input


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8 hours ago, Levente Udud said:

depending on mic position and angle.

Based on the quoted phrase alone this made me think the mic is simply picking up something in the environment. If it was a problem with the microphone itself I would think the noise would be present no matter what the mic position and angle is. 



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The only time I've had something like an intermittent problem with a senny (depending on mic angle/position) the sound was very different and it was because something had come loose inside - it had been a badly treated rental. 


IIRC sennheiser charge c. 200 for servicing mics and this includes everything except a new capsule. When I've bought second hand sennheisers I have tried to factor this in when deciding what I'll pay. If you need the piece of mind to know you can take this mic on job - send it for servicing. 

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There has been an issue with earlier model mkh's i believe with models having silver pins vs newer ones with updated boards n gold pins. A friend of mine had to send his 50 in and once sennheiser got their mits on it all was fixed



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Thank you all for your input, I have a quite good relationship with my local Sennheiser Service shop and they are in walking distance, so I'm definitelygoing to head there.

MobileMike, RadoStefanov: Yes, I troubleshooted, and it's definetly the mic, and I think it's an internal issue, I couldn't recreate the problem on the spot and since either.

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