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Stellavox AMI-48

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 I've got a Stellavox AMI-48 up for grab in mint condition. Tested and working and knobs been fixed so no crackling when turning them. All lights work and its been used by my dads friend 6 si gle times in its lifetime. Its been shelved for decades until i found it and got it from him for free. I have only started it and tested it and only improvement i did was leaving it at a vintage synth repairmsn who cleaned it overall and also inside so the knobs nolonger makes the crackling sound. Even the plastic cover which is original is almost mint condition. Anyone in here intrested? (Better sell it to an enthusiast than average joe on ebay)





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Best to sell it to a collector like our Mr. Bond here.  It's a pretty mixer with pretty awful specs by modern standards, had reliability issues back in the day and is nearly impossible to repair due to its dreaded "potted" component modules.  Any recent Mackie or AH etc analog mixer would be a better choice for doing actual work.

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Your mixer looks to be in beautiful condition. What a gift!?


I have a Stellavox AMI48 and it is a simple species, in their instruction manual they talk of this. Just a note I think your unit does not have 48v phantom so technically speaking it is a Stellavox mixer but not an AMI 48. 


It's a rare little thing, I hope it finds a "HAPPY HOME" (Salute P.Perkins).


To have this repaired is expensive. As far as I know there is only one location on this entire planet that services them. One as old as yours will cost alot of CHF's.


I am happy with mine but it will take a lifetime of use to make the money I spent on it not so reprehensible.


Peace from Australia




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I had one of the AMI-48 mixers for a time, sent it to JP, had a time getting it back and not really happy with the service.  


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