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View From The Office:

Philip Perkins

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Was this in Provo, Utah? I did one like this last year... never work in Utah again!

(Thankfully- I'm moving to Maryland at the end of the month & will have completely new location problems).


what was supposed to be a simple 4 hour shoot turned into an all day event...

location was the worst any sound guy could ask for. every single neighbors yard got mowed that day, neighbors had barking dogs, airplanes flying over head and it was also garbage day...

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Young Will, E. Larry and I hauled a whole lot of gear into a very PA-challenged theatre to record a Big Show with the Great Wall Youth Orchestra and Chorus (and soloists) for David O. Weissman's ongoing doc project.  In addition to the audio, logistical and muscle-ache challenges we found we had to mentor the local PA people a whole lot, as well as give away several of our mics to them to supplement what they had.  To their credit all they had to work with was a 1950's style PA with a single center cluster over the stage for a 1000+ seat hall that was very deep and steeply tiered, with no outboard gear, just the EQ in their console and a small fleet of lousy dynamic mics.  We got through it--I was pretty happy with the recording.  A first: I recorded a guy doing a solo on a tree leaf.  He had amazing pitch and articulation just blowing through a "garden-variety" leaf.  It sounded like a cross between a theramin and balloon squeal....

phil p


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Here is one of the many spectacular views I had from the office last week. Recording interviews with survivors of shark attack around Sydney Harbour for Discovery Channel saw some gorgeous views from my office chair. Only goes to reinforce that we have the best job in the world (on a sunny day)


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A zoo it may well be.... but be aware that for once... there are some very vigilant zoo keepers about. There are very strict rules as to who can use what Fz, and there are people around whose job it is to find unlicensed kit, and confiscate it. All kit being used in any of the compounds should be tagged by JFMG, and anything else will have to be on either Ch69 or Ch38, and should have a licence.

If caught without a licence they can confiscate your kit, and anything connected to it!!!!, Oh, and I think the fine is £5000!!

Be careful out there folks!!! and happy shooting.

Kindest regards,

Simon B

Its gonna be an RF zoo :-)

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Taking a break between groups at the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf. It is one of my favorite jobs of the year I do ENG work for the PGA Tour in the morning and cover the 2nd shot on the 18th fairway when we are on air with a MKH 70.

Where do you get your very hairy windjammer please?

thanks Mick

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