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Philip Perkins

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Beautiful carriage house!! And when the live 50 minute ONE question interview was done, he tells several stories about a selection of items in the room! Fascinating and brilliant man....I spent lots of time with him when I was a PBS cameraman, we did MUCH political coverage and I usually volunteered to be the pool camera whenever he came to Jersey...he does NT Times crosswords in ink in under an hour !!

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As we don't have a like button or easy way to say I dig a picture, I'll just say I really enjoy this topic and many of the Pix our gang posts here at View From The Office. We have a game 7 Freeway series tonight Kings v Ducks out here in SoCal tonight. My guess is we have a member or two covering that like John is the Subway series. 


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A favour for a friend: recording a double-bill of accordion orchestras at St. John's Smith Square, London. The Morley Accordion Orchestra and The Nuremberg Accordion Orchestra. Two hours of accordion music and not one polka! Gershwin (Rhapsody In Blue - friend was playing the piano), Host, Elgar, amongst others.


An interesting evening...






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Adelaide University Choral Society in St Peters Cathedral (Adelaide, South Australia). Final rehearsal for Joseph Haydn's 'Nelson Mass' and Francesco Durante's 'Magnificat'

90 Choristers, 4 soloists and a 20 piece orchestra. Schleps, DPA and Sound Devices.


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VFTO: From a monastery. Tomorrow and for a week again this view. Beautiful view and location, not ideal for us in sound department. This monastery is close to Egnatia Motorway ("yes we hear the trucks"). The real problems for the next ten hours are:


- We can't speak loudly.

- We can't smoke.

- We can't make noise (we move the equipment like ninjas).

- We can't drink coffee (I don't know why).

- We can't eat meat.


It's not an easy to work in a monastery. Day 90 to 95 will be exhaustive.

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