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I'm considering the possibility of purchacing a DPA 4060 after watching an RFLO Sound video on youtube. In it, he was comparing the DPA 4060 with the Sanken COS-11. After doing my own research I noticed there was more than one version of the DPA-4060 such as: the DPA 4060-BM, 4060-OC-C-B00, 4060 Hi-Sens. What's the difference between all of these? Also can I purchase them with adapters either, Sennheiser or Lectrosonics? I want to be able to work with both.  

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Hi Alejandro,


DPA 4060-BM it is for black color. The letters "OC-C" is for the new DPA Core Series.


There is: 4060, 4061, 4062, 4063 and 4071 for lavalier/miniature series. The rest letters is referring for colors, microdot/lemo etc connector and so on.


If you can, rent a 4071 for under clothing scenario. Sounds better from 4060; at least to my ears.



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Hey There VAS,


Thanks for clarifying, I'm going to check some reviews and videos for the DPA 4071 before making a final decision. As for the 4060, it sounded pretty decent to my ears. I also liked that I can either wire them for the Sennheiser and Lectrosonics once I upgrade. I'm looking forward to other opinions, once again thanks for your response! 





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