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Vampire clips in the UK?

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Hi, I just picked up a few DPA 4061s to try out and was looking for some accessories, there's a pretty cool looking little two part clip on concealer I picked up but I failed to find a vampire clip anywhere. The only one I could find was the LMC Universal one and it looks really bulky, about twice the size of a normal V-clip. Something like this is what I’m looking for:


Anyone know where I can find V-clips for the DPA 4061 in the UK or if not here then in the EU?

Any help appreciated and while I'm here any 4061 mounting related advise if it comes to mind.

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From Facebook page of Hide-A-Mic:


Hi Lemuel,
Thank you for your message. The DPA clips are almost ready. We did our first production test run last week and this week we have to adjust the mold and then we can start production. The B-Flex is a little bit delayed. Hopefully the mold for that will be ready in Q1 of 2018. Sorry for that, but some things are out of my hands. We will do our best to get it out there as quick as possible. Better yesterday then today. Stay tuned!




Maybe it's already. Better to contact Hide-A-Mic

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1 hour ago, nch said:

Cool, I'll keep an eye out for them, they look like a really interesting little set of hidden mic clips. 


Not Vampire clips though, if anyone knows where to find some for the DPAs, still be good to know?

There are a few Uk dealers for these products so I would contact Everything Audio at Elstree who no doubt will stock the new ones when they become available.


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I did think of trying that but modifying the LMC cos-11D clip or the LMC universal clip would be a bit tricky I think. I'll have a look at the vampire clip cable, sounds interesting.


Thanks for the advice guys. I have finally found a DPA 4061 v-clip though: http://sales.audiodept.co.uk/shop/products/accessories/lmc/lmc-vamp-clip-dpa4060-black/

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